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Don't Risk A Bad Floor Installment


No matter what type of flooring you select, how well it’s installed will determine your satisfaction with it. A low tier floor installation can compromise the appearance, function, and lifespan of whatever flooring you choose. Eco Floors is owned by 2 former installers (Father & Son) with over 40 years of combined experience. We pay attention to the little details that often go overlooked – How flat is your subfloor? Are there any signs of moisture intrusion? Is the surface we’re laying over structurally sound? What is the best method of floor installation for the chosen product? These are just a handful of questions we ask before any flooring gets anchored down. Do you want a herringbone pattern, Marmoleum inlay, or something unique? Eco floors have you covered.

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If We Sell It, We Install It

Install & Repairs

We only sell flooring that we’re confident installing. Eco Floors values its reputation in the Portland, OR community, and we’re not comfortable offering flooring that we would not put in our own homes or showrooms. Ask About products we sell & install:

Staircase Installation

If stairs are installed right, they’ll steal the spotlight. If they’re done wrong, they’ll be a creaky, unaesthetic trip hazard. Eco Floors installs hardwood, carpet, & floating stair boxes, as well as carpet runners and skirt boards. We specialize in bringing staircases back to code and eliminating squeaks. Do you have a custom look in mind? Eco Floors can help you.

Subfloor Leveling & Repair

Most Flooring companies do not fix issues with the subfloor before they begin installing. Why address the subfloor? To avoid issues like board popping, cupping, crowning, or delimitation – all things that ruin your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

The most common type of installation method for vinyl plank flooring is a click lock system. Most installers will charge $3-4.50/square foot depending on the complication of the site layout.

How Long Does Flooring Install Take?

The type of flooring you select will dictate the length of the installation. The fastest installed material is carpet, avg. 450-630 sf per day. Up next is a vinyl plank, laminate, and other engineered click flooring at around 400-800 sf per day. With hardwood flooring, you can expect 300-500 sf per day. with tile and Marmoleum, install timelines go up significantly, even for the smaller areas they're frequently used in (less than 100 SF). The layout of the area to be installed has the greatest impact on the time of installation. The less square a room is, the tighter and more obtrusions there are, the longer the installation will take.