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Eco Floors is an environmentally friendly flooring company based in southeast Portland, Oregon. Our knowledgeable staff specializes in considering our customer’s needs, tastes, and budgets in order to find the best green flooring to suit them. We provide expert installation services to ensure your flooring project is a success. When you choose to work with Eco Floors, you’re making an investment in your home and your future.
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We Sell Cork, Bamboo, Wool Carpet, Hardwood, Marmoleum, and Laminate. Our products are made of sustainable materials, and manufactured with low VOC adhesives that won’t off gas harmful fumes in your home. Want to qualify for LEED Credits?

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a 2022 study conducted by the NAR (National Association of Realtors, READ HERE ) found that hardwood floor refinishing returned 147% of money invested, and new wood flooring returned 118%

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You can trust Eco Floors. Our background-checked of staff brings Over 80 years combined experience. We specialize in all types of flooring installation, sub floor & concrete leveling, and hardwood floor refinishing.

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The type of flooring you select will dictate the length of install. The fastest installed material is carpet, avg. 450-630 sf per day. Up next is vinyl plank, laminate, and other engineered click flooring at around 400-800 sf per day. With hardwood flooring you can expect 300-500 sf per day. with tile and marmoleum, install timelines go up significantly, even for the smaller areas they’re frequently used in (less than 100 sf). Layout of the area to be installed has the greatest impact on time of installation. The less square a room is, the tighter and more obtrusions there are, the longer the install will take.
The most common type of installation method for vinyl plank flooring is a click lock system. Most installers will charge $3-4.50/square foot depending on the complication of the site layout.
The simple answer is it depends on where you intend to install it (see the top of this page under “application”). If installed in the right area, it is hard to beat cork flooring’s soft underfoot feel, beautiful appearance, mid-level price point, ease of installation, and sustainable characteristics.
Screen and re-coat are excellent maintenance steps. In a 4-person household with average use, a screen & re-coat is a good step every 1-2 years. If you are lighter on your floor, consider it every 5 years. In our experience, this is a worthwhile procedure that elongates the time in between full refinishes at around 1/4-1/5th the cost.