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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

At Eco Floors, we pride ourselves on offering excellent, dustless sanding refinish services. We take your old, worn-through hardwood floors and turn them into a valuable art piece for your home. Did you know that refinishing is an excellent investment? A 2022 study by the NAR (National Association of Realtors, READ HERE) found that hardwood floor refinishing returned 147% of the money invested. It is the best ROI of any home investment. On top of that, 100% of homeowners, in that study, reported an increased desire to be home after refinishing. Plain and simple – Eco Floors helps people fall back in love with their homes.

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Have Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Screen & Re-Coat

A screen & re-coat is generally a one-day process that restores the appearance of your hardwood floors by adding a new top coat and removing minor surface scratches. A screen & re-coat is an excellent maintenance step to avoid refinishing. This process will NOT remove gouges, significant scratches, water damage, urine damage, or discoloration. The floor will need to be entirely clear of furniture for this step. If we start in the morning, in most cases the floor is ready to be walked on in socks by early evening. Starting At $1.25/sq ft

Transform Any Space

Most times, you’ll receive a free home estimate in less than a week. Our average floor refinish takes 3-5 days. In most cases, you can stay in your house during the process. Get back on your floor the next day, and begin moving furniture back in. With our industry-leading, low VOC Bona Traffic HD finish, your newly refinished floor is fully cured in 3 days.

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We take responsibility

Eco Floors is owned by 2 Bona Certified Craftsmen. This is not just a label or an exclusive group. This Certification is a commitment to learning the products, machines, and standards behind our hardwood floors. To be a Bona Certified craftsman, we’re held to a higher standard of work. We do not cut corners in our education or our practices.

ECO Floors - Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hardwood Refinishing Dust Free?

Over the years we've tried out many combinations of vacuums and machines to achieve some of the best dust collection in the industry. with that said, no hardwood floor refinishing is truly dust-free. We are simply trying to bring the amount as close to zero as possible. A thin layer of dust, similar to the amount found during a routine house dusting, should be expected. If better results are achieved, this is an added benefit.

A good idea for the extra sensitive customers is to line up a house cleaner after the hardwood refinish takes place. During the refinish, request plastic be put up to block off surrounding rooms. This will come at an additional cost, but make protects especially sensitive items such as an office or electronics.

What Electric Power Is Needed For Hardwood Refinishing?

Most professional companies will request access to 220v power. Oftentimes, this will require the use of a dryer or stove outlet, and/or a minimum 30 amp breaker in your fuse panel.

Note: if 110v wall outlets that previously worked do not work on completion of a hardwood refinish, this is often not the fault of the refinishing company. Instead, this is generally an issue with your home's electrical system that was exposed by running continuous power to a circuit. Often, similar occurrences will take place running toasters, portable AC units, hair dryers, etc. Consult an electrician if this happens.

How Long Should I Wait After Hardwood Floor Refinishing To Put Rugs Back?

Most Top coat finishes used today are water-based. Industry-leading water-based finishes like Bona and Palmann have a full cure time of 5-7 days. This is a vast improvement over former oil-based finishes such as Synteko which had a cure time of 2 weeks. Top-of-the-line finish like Bona Traffic HD boasts a full cure time of 3 days! Consult your hardwood floor refinishing crew for accurate information on the specific finish they use.

After full cure time has elapsed, it is safe to put rugs down. Keep in mind that area rugs placed in areas will lots of sunlight will always experience some spot fading. This can be mitigated with the use of blinds.

When Should I Screen & Re-Coat My Hardwood Floor?

Screen & Re-coats are excellent maintenance steps. In a 4 person household with avg use, a screen & re-coat is a good step every 1-2 years. If you are lighter on your floor, consider it every 5 years. In our experience, this is a worthwhile procedure that elongates the time in between full refinishes at around 1/4-1/5th the cost.

Can You Refinish Hardwood Floors Yourself?

Floor refinishing is a job that should be left to the professionals. At Eco Floors, we use up to 7 machines on a standard refinish. Not only would you have to develop skills with each of these machines, you'd have to understand the interplay between them. Without a knowledge of what each machine is, what it is capable of sanding, and how to use it, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming for you to attempt a refinish. What grits should you use? What grits will show up once the finish is applied? How do you contain the dust? How do you apply the finish without leaving lines, pools, or dry spots? How do you make the end finish smooth? When should you water pop the floor to achieve better results? These are only some of the questions a professional refinisher must be able to answer to deliver an excellent finished product.

What are some worst-case scenarios for a botched refinish job? An inexperienced sander may sand through the entire "wear life" of their newly installed floor resulting in extensive board replacement or the need for a full floor replacement. If the finish or stain is applied and doesn't dry, you will have to pay a flooring company 25% or more extra, in addition to their normal price, to clean up the mess and re-sand the floor. Keep in mind, that we are often contracted to fix the work of other refinish companies that have experience.