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Rubber Flooring

Recycled rubber mats, flooring and underlayment make great use of post consumer products heading for the landfill. Our local manufacturer diverts millions of pounds of tires from landfills annually.

These tires are then used to manufacture great flooring products for gyms, garages, basements, playrooms, boarding facilities, and more.

Rubber Floor Manufacturers

Rubber Flooring: Amorim
Amorim Sports Floor brand has a product range specifically designed for use as final flooring in gyms and sports centers. Its elasticity, hardness, strength and variety of colors transform their products in the most appropriate and attractive.
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Sustainable Rubber Flooring: Dinoflex
Dinoflex has been a leading innovator in the manufacture of recycled rubber products for over two decades. We specialize in producing premium quality rubber flooring, surfaces, tiles and custom products.
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Recycled Rubber Flooring: RB Rubber Products
RB Rubber produces a wide variety of recycled rubber flooring and other products for use in a broad range of markets and applications. RB Rubber is one of the largest and most technically advanced tire recyclers in the world with the ability to make quality products that contain up to 96% post-consumer waste
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