Forbo Marmoleum

Portland, OR Supplier

Forbo Marmoleum is built out of 98% raw renewable materials. Forbo takes care as a company to optimize their water and energy usage, and reduce their emissions during manufacturing. Did you know Marmoleum can help a building qualify for LEED certifications?


Marmoleum Sheet

  • Available in over 300 colors
  • Safe for full restrooms
  • color embedded 2mm deep
  • Combine colors for different looks and patterns
  • Requires skilled installation

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Marmoleum Cinch Loc Seal

  • 12"x12" or 12"x36" sizes
  • Many colors but not not as many as sheet
  • Mix and match colors and sizing to create patterns
  • Rated as waterproof but we don't recommend in full bathrooms or areas prone to moisture.
  • Easy click lock installation

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Marmoleum is a propriety linoleum made by Forbo. Check out this epic video to learn more about their company. If you want to explore marmoleum's colors & styles, click the link below!

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