Hardwood Floors

The Status Symbol

Eco Floors is owned by a father & son who have spent over 40 combined years in the wood flooring trade. Thus, as a company, we are very passionate about offering a hand selected collection of the best prefinished and unfinished hardwoods. Most of our products are engineered with a 2-6mm real wood top layer and they vary from 2-1/4" wide up to 11-3/8". We're confident that we will have something special to match any customer's preferences and budget.

Harwood Floors are one of the most eco friendly types of flooring.

Solid hardwood floors are made from trees, one of earth's most readily available natural resources. Engineered flooring is made with different types of wood to reduce costs and improve stability. To ensure you're getting a high quality, eco friendly floor, look for these attributes:

  • Non toxic top coat or finish
  • Low or no VOC adhesives used in the construction process of engineered hardwoods.
  • Wood that is harvested from regulated forests
  • Made by a proven manufacturer so that your floor lasts its full lifecycle.



Monarch’s mission is to create premier quality wide plank hardwood flooring, leveraging the most sophisticated modern finishing techniques that enhance, rather than cover over, the natural beauty of European Oak, Walnut and Hickory engineered floors.

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With more than 150 years in the business, Kährs is one of the oldest manufacturers of wood floors in the world. It is also one of the most innovative. Kährs is still located in the town of Nybro, deep in the heart of a Swedish forest, where our company was born in 1857. The wood knowledge we have accumulated over the years has been passed down from generation to generation.

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Founded over 40 years ago by Marcel Mercier, a dedicated cabinet maker by trade, Mercier Wood Flooring is the culmination of what happens when you combine an innovative mindset and a love of both authenticity and wood. 

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DuChateau® manufactures and markets antique reproduction hard-wax oil wood floors using artistic methods perfected by our European master craftsmen. With a production philosophy to create textured hardwood floors that showcase the natural changing grain patterns of the wood to characterize true artistic design, our floors are designed to reflect the styles found in Europe from centuries ago as we create the same time-worn look that showcases the character and longevity of a true vintage floor.

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Handcrafted in small batches by professional hardwood craftsmen, Hallmarek Floors wood floor collections are developed and designed to enhance the beauty of all types of homes and interiors, from cozy and traditional to cool and contemporary living.

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Provenza floors is passionate about designing flooring collections that provide the finest in hardwood flooring for residential, custom, commercial and eco-friendly applications. The Provenza hardwood floor collections reveal a commitment to the design and development of unique wood flooring, in a variety of rich colors and finishes, handcrafted details, while utilizing patented technology to naturally enhance the quality of the wood. 

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From classic, timeless hardwood floor designs to cutting-edge composite technologies, Reward Flooring offers a wide variety of beautiful options for your home or business.

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From sleek modern styles to rustic character and lightly textured choices, you'll find flooring to inspire your imagination and make your space just what you envision.

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Tesoro Woods is a certified advocate of sourcing sustainable materials to create truly sustainable flooring and using eco-friendly, low-VOC finishes and glues to minimize the impact on indoor air quality and health when it comes to flooring. Fully believing that wood is a natural treasure, every Tesoro Woods product meets the highest environmental and health standards while looking beautiful.

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