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Frequently Asked Flooring Q & A

Do we need to make an appointment to visit your showroom?
No, we are open to the public, designers, contractors, and anyone that wants ECO Flooring products.

Are you more expensive because you’re a specialty showroom?
No, we price our products very competitively and will even match pricing on products. Don’t be afraid to ask why a product you have seen somewhere else is less expensive. There is usually a reason why and we will let you know the truth.

Do you do free estimates?
Yes, Once you visit our showroom and select a product, we can set you up with one of our estimators for an in-house consultation and quote for material and installation.

Do you provide installation?
es, we have highly skilled installers on staff. We are some of the best in the business when it comes to installations. We also have experienced subcontractors we work with when things get busy and a job needs to be done quickly.

Do you have products that are chemical free and have NO VOC’s?
Yes, we specialize in products like this and natural fiber materials. However, many products are low VOC due to the manufacturing processes and types of materials used. It’s helpful to know your specific concern so we can direct you to products that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

Can you recommend a floor for someone with chemical sensitivities?
Absolutely. It is helpful to know what you are sensitive to so we can guide you to appropriate products. People have different sensitivities, even to natural materials like latex or wool. The more you know about yourself the better we can guide you in your selection.

Do you travel out of town for work?
Yes. Of course we have to consider things like fuel, travel expenses, and lodging. We are often brought into outlying areas where there is a shortage of experienced installation labor to install our high quality products.

Are all of your products environmentally friendly?
Yes but to varying degrees. We specialize in natural materials and beyond that it depends what is important to you. We offer Local hardwoods, Chemical Free Carpets, Reclaimed materials, Recycled Materials, Products made in the USA, and more.

Do you do countertops?
We do offer some awesome countertops like Bamboo Butcher Block and Marmoleum products suitable for counters. We DO NOT offer countertop installation services.

Do you sell materials only?
Yes. We are happy to provide materials for any flooring project. We do recommend having your installer measure the space and determine amount of flooring needed and any corresponding transitions or accessories. We can also provide great tips and knowledge about our floors, your project, and how they should be installed.

How long have you been in business?
ECOFloors was founded in 2007. Prior to ECOFloors both owners operated a flooring installation business and have over 30 years combined experience. ECOFloors staff members are all well trained flooring professionals.

Do you have products stocked in your showroom?
We do have small quantities of products available in our showroom. Since we have such an extensive selection of products, most are custom ordered directly from the manufacturer specifically for your project. Most materials arrive within 7-10 business days.

Do you have flooring samples available for check out?
Yes, we have a free sample check out program and encourage clients to borrow materials to make sure they are getting the right product for their project.

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